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Spawn Cycle
Brood Tenderiderz Grips - 19mm



S O L D  O U T.

Brood Tenderiderz Grips - 19mm

Brood thinks it's about time that kids get some nice stuff too!  The Brood Tenderiderz grips come in a number of kid specific lengths and use the exclusive B-flip pattern that has deep interconnected channels to steer dirt and sweat away from their hands.  Small flanges keep hands where they belong without interfering with levers and shifters.  Brood has employed one of softest rubber componds available and made the grips as thin as possilbe to make sure that your kids' hands don't look like they belong to a lumberjack at the end of the season.

Endplugs included.  For 19mm and 3/4" handlebar diameter found on Spawn Cycles Yoji 14", Tengu, Furi and Gremlin models.

Brood Tenderiderz Grips - 19mm
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