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Latest Questions

  1. What countries will you ship to?

    For the most part, we'll ship anywhere in the world. We're currently only shipping out of Canada and the U.S. and shipping can be very pricey to Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand. We're working on getting set up in Europe and Australia at the moment to try to get the shipping costs down for our customers in other parts of the world. Stay tuned, that should all be coming soon.

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  2. If you're trying to build the best, where's the carbon fiber?

    We haven't made the jump to carbon fiber on our frames and probably won't any time soon. Kids have a habit of being a little careless with their bikes and carbon doesn't always do well with direct impacts and tends to have catastrophic failures. We want kids to ride without worrying about where they drop their bikes and doing pre ride inspections.

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  3. Where are your bikes made?

    All design work takes place in Canada, but most of the work takes place in Taiwan. The vast, vast majority of the quality components on quality bikes you're likely to see are probably manufactured in Asia. We're no different. We think our stuff is being built by the best in the world. Period. Please don't ask where the aluminum or iron ore was mined or where the rubber trees are.

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  4. What if I need parts?

    We are trying to stock everything it took to build your kid's bike and we are happy to supply whatever we can - just hit the Shop or contact us. As parents we understand that for a little kid, having their bike out of commission for any length of time is not cool, and we can arrange for expedited shipping to most places. Alternatively, hit your local bike shop. In designing our bikes, we have tried to stick to standard BMX or MTB sizing on as many components as possible. Naturally we couldn't do that for everything, but wherever possible, we have tried to steer away from the screwball component sizing which is endemic on most kids' bikes. It helps us (and you) get better components and helps you should you ever need to replace anything.

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  5. Where are your bikes sold?

    At the moment, they're sold here on our website and a few select shops in Canada. Tight distribution is the only way that we can currently control the price and keep the bikes as affordable as possible. Of course, we would love it if people could see, touch and appreciate the quality of our bikes in person. On that note, we are trying our best to attend events so that people can check them out - please like us on facebook and/or follow us on instagram or twitter if you want to keep up to date with what we're doing.

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  6. What makes Spawn Cycles The World's Best Kids' Bikes"?

    We understand that that phrase sounds conceited, but we think it's true. We're not so much patting ourselves on the back as pointing out the poor state of this segment of the market. With very few exceptions, the kids' bikes available are simply not that great - and the exceptions out there tend not to be available in North America. The bikes that are available tend to be heavy and generally have crappy components. Don't get us wrong, the bikes do what they're meant to do and for a lot of parents and kids they are perfectly acceptable. Some adults buy their normal bikes at box or department stores, while others buy their awesome bikes at local shops. We think that the parents out there who are used to dropping serious money on great bikes and see them as more than simple transportation are disappointed when they have to get their kids heavy bikes. These people will get this, others may not. Some of our bikes come in at half the weight of their competitors. They are stronger. The brakes, suspension and other components work better. And we think they are cooler.

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