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Spawn Cycle

What makes Spawn Cycles The World's Best Kids' Bikes"?

Created by admin admin Mar 17, 2017 10:33:45 AM Published in FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1132 Views.

We understand that that phrase sounds conceited, but we think it's true. We're not so much patting ourselves on the back as pointing out the poor state of this segment of the market. With very few exceptions, the kids' bikes available are simply not that great - and the exceptions out there tend not to be available in North America. The bikes that are available tend to be heavy and generally have crappy components. Don't get us wrong, the bikes do what they're meant to do and for a lot of parents and kids they are perfectly acceptable. Some adults buy their normal bikes at box or department stores, while others buy their awesome bikes at local shops. We think that the parents out there who are used to dropping serious money on great bikes and see them as more than simple transportation are disappointed when they have to get their kids heavy bikes. These people will get this, others may not. Some of our bikes come in at half the weight of their competitors. They are stronger. The brakes, suspension and other components work better. And we think they are cooler.