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Spawn Cycle

What if I need parts?

Created by admin admin Mar 17, 2017 10:36:21 AM Published in FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1233 Views.

We are trying to stock everything it took to build your kid's bike and we are happy to supply whatever we can - just hit the Shop or contact us. As parents we understand that for a little kid, having their bike out of commission for any length of time is not cool, and we can arrange for expedited shipping to most places. Alternatively, hit your local bike shop. In designing our bikes, we have tried to stick to standard BMX or MTB sizing on as many components as possible. Naturally we couldn't do that for everything, but wherever possible, we have tried to steer away from the screwball component sizing which is endemic on most kids' bikes. It helps us (and you) get better components and helps you should you ever need to replace anything.